The importance of local consultation by the Islands Trust

The Trust was trying to rush its New Policy Draft Statement through to what is called First Reading (an advanced stage in the process) on July 8th 2021, even though most residents were unaware it even existed. In spite of what the Trust said, there was little input from or communication with the communities their Statement affects. Fortunately, many people pushed back, and they have delayed First Reading for several months (click here for definition of First Reading). It should be postponed until after the next election, October 2022.

Through the fall and early winter, venues will be opened for public consultation. We urge you to be a part of that process, and to let the Trustees and the BC Government know how you feel about having your rights as residents taken away.  

Click here for a video of Salt Spring residents concerned the Island Trust is ignoring their voices

On the SUBJECT OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Islands Trust hires a consultant!
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