Islands2050 Letters

…”there is no justification whatsoever for the suggested blanket prohibitions of desalination, docks and seawalls. As a Galiano Islander who strongly supports the principles of the Trust Object, I would like the Trust to be advocating good education of islanders and their contractors for best possible results rather than devising new regulatory functions for itself.” Bowie Keefer, Phd, P.Eng. – Galiano Island – Read more…

“Any proposal to omit or dilute the language or idea of “community” from islands trust’s mandate misses the forest for the trees.” David Secord, PHD. Read more…

“I would also emphasize that the Islands Trust review report noted that the Islands Trust has neglected First Nations in decision making and though making statements to the effect that First Nations have been consulted on the 2050 statement, consultations with Salt Spring First Nations has not yet occurred.”  Read more from Brian Milne, Salt Spring Island

“I was absolutely shocked to read parts of the Management and Governance review report – and do not believe it can be ignored, or a policy implemented that has next-to-zero public support for an organization that is clearly dysfunctional.”  Read more from Susan de Stein, Salt Spring

While the governance report may have recommended concluding the policy statement work, I don’t think it recommended running roughshod over local residents’ wishes and rights, or taking on issues already dealt with or being dealt with at other levels of government.”  Read more from Susan de Stein, Salt Spring Islands

How Many Planners Do The Islands Trust Need? “Local Planning Services (LPS) is the biggest activity of the Islands Trust, consuming the greatest amount of resources, accounting for $6.7M (74%) of the $9.1M budget for 2021-22.” Read more from Jeffrey Green, North Pender Island 

Citizen request that Islands Trust NOT be given Tree Bylaw Authority. As residents of the Islands Trust Area, we respectfully request that the Islands Trust Area NOT be given any further consideration for tree bylaw authority. Read more from Jamie Harris and others.

IT’s Draft Policy Statement: A far-reaching document with profound but currently unclear consequences, which has been developed largely in secret. Read more from Martin Wale,  a settler on the unceded ancestral territories of the Coast and Straits Salish Nations

DYSFUNCTIONAL ISLANDS TRUST GOVERNANCERead more from Brian Milne, Salt Spring Island

Citizens request that Islands Trust NOT be given Tree Bylaw AuthorityRead more from: Jamie Harris – Salt Spring Island, Scott Royal – Salt Spring Island, James Johnston – Salt Spring, Allen W. Achilles – Mayne Island, Juanita Evans – North Pender Island   

THE ISLANDS TRUST AND HOUSING Read more from Mary Wood, Denman Island Resident

Why not take time to absorb the engagement results and allow the public to approve the Policy through their votes for the Trustees in the fall election?
Read more from Peter Jefferson, Salt Spring Island resident

Reply to the Finance Policy Committee RE My Format Complaint – Democratic Due Process Not Followed, Mary Elliot, Galiano Resident, March 2022 – Read more…

Reply to  Laura Bushiekin, Finance Policy Committee, Representing Denman Island Rep RE: My Format Complaint – Democratic Due Process Not Followed, Brian Milne Salt Spring Island, March 2022 – Read more…

Comment on timeline for Islands Trust new policy statement by Salt Spring part time resident  

“The strongest arguments against IT overreach are its implications for taxpayers and its threat to the rural character of island life, which involves people and commerce as well as flora and fauna. On Saturna Island, we have a remarkable balance of protected nature and human habitation. For the latter to be sustained there have to be local businesses, local jobs, affordable housing, a school, accessible healthcare, etc. Those are the things we should be focusing on in debating the proposed rewrite of the IT policy statement.” Read More…

Saturna Trustee Lee Middleton comments on editing draft policy statement : Read More…

Voice of opposition from North Pender Island Resident Mike Quinn dated February 10th: Read More..

Islands Trust TPS ban on desalination. Why? Not based on science! “ The proposed ban is yet another example of the IT trying to wastefully duplicate the responsibilities of senior levels of government and it takes the precautionary principal to a ridiculous level.” Saturna Island Resident. Read more….

John Money compares the collaborative, inclusive process of the IT 1994 policy statement to the exclusive, unilateral process of today. “The communities spoke, they were heard, and the IT eventually developed a successful policy statement that has served our gulf island communities very well all of these years. But today?” Read More..

Misconstrued Mandate, Overly Narrow View of Amenities and Environment Reference……Please count this as a submission “opposed” to adopting the proposed Draft New Policy Statement. In this case, this opposition is to the narrow re-interpretation of Mandate that puts residents at the bottom of the list of priorities and misconstrues the intended meanings of amenities and environment. David Dunnison, Salt Spring Island. Read more here

Livelihood matters! Opposed to Draft New Policy Statement. Read more here

Forest Fire Risk Management: “The Islands Trust’s Draft Policy Bylaw does not adequately address the issue of forest fires within the Trust Area and the need for proactive Fire Management policies and actions.” Read more from Jeff Green, Pender Island

I do not support the revisions to the Draft Policy Bylaw which would:

  • result in the Islands Trust expanding their mandate;
  • unnecessarily intrude into the existing regulatory and management jurisdictions of provincial and federal government agencies; and 
  • incur substantial costs for increased staffing and duplication of government services.
    Read Jeff Green’s letter

Desalination: Please count this as a submission “opposed” to adopting the proposed Draft New Policy Statement. In this case, this opposition is due to the new proposed ban on desalination.
Reference: Page 18, Section 4.2.5 and Section 4.2.9 of Draft New Policy Statement Bylaw No. 183 – Updated July 15, 2021. Read more from David Dunnison, Salt Spring Island Resident

What are the Real Costs of the Draft Policy Bylaw and Impacts on Taxpayers? Read more from Gulf Islander Jeff Green

Non Support of Expansion of Islands Trust Authority proposed in the Trust Policy Amendments from North Pender Islander. Read More..

Draft Trust Policy Statement Bylaw 183 (TPS)
Review of Section 4.4 – Agricultural Commitments, Directives & Coordination Policies:I have been in the farming, agriculture and food business my entire life. I have reviewed the draft Bylaw 183 (Trust Policy Statement) and find it alarming and hostile to farming, agriculture and food security in general. – Read more from George Leroux