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Trustee Paul Brent sits in the Trust Program Committee and did not see the rewrite until the May 3/2021 meeting 60 days before 1st reading. Carol Money, Saturna resident asked Paul Brent, Current Trustee, whether the Trustees wrote the proposed policy statement.

Subject: Questions for tonight’s webinar on IT Budget:
“Lets keep the data consistent, and our trust in the Trust.” Pat Carney, retired senator 

“Wasteful expenditures. Nothing has changed in 16 years.
Below is Eric Booth’s  excellent presentation to the Islands Trust in 2020. Please read it in its entirety very carefully so you get a good idea of the out of control nature that is at the heart of people’s discontent with the Islands Trust. This situation has not improved one iota, rather it has gotten worse!!!

Some thoughts on Governance in the gulf islands, the Islands Trust (IT), it’s mandate to preserve and protect for the people of British Columbia as well as the residents, and the IT’s need for a 9-million-dollar budget. John Money, Former Trustee and Saturna Island resident

Phase 3 Public Engagement 
Question on the Public Engagement Process,  awarded to consultants ISL reads “Please clarify what we are engaged in, and commenting on.”  Former Island Trustee, Jane Perch 

“the existing document, however, is deeply flawed and the lack of meaningful public consultation in the process has created alarm and distrust which could undermine attempts to reach our common goals.” Hon. Pat Carney P.C., C.M., O.B.C. 

 “It is with dismay that I read the New Policy Draft Statement…..I do not say this without much thought and worry as I was as Islands Trust Community Representative for Saturna Island for 21 years and on the Executive of the Islands Trust for 6 years and know wherewith I speak.”  John Money, former Saturna Islands Trustee

 “Right now, despite perhaps best intentions, we have a document very much divorced from the needs of the islands’ ecology and people that cannot serve as a policy guide to 2050.”  Lee Middleton, Saturna Island Trustee

…..”Warning: Graphic and Disturbing Content. I know, that this is a strange and provocative title, but it’s used purposely because I want people to pay attention to this.” Paul Brent Saturna Island Trustee

 “Who Really Runs the Islands Trust?” written by Dennis Perch, Gulf Island Resident for 31 years. 

“We must not relax as the intention is still to ram this new Policy Statement through.”
“Do you not know that the Islands Trust has already budgeted to hire 2 new Planners to rewrite the Community Plans and By-laws to conform to the new draft Policy Statement?..” – John Money, Islands Trust Community Representative for Saturna Island for 21 years and on the Executive of the Islands Trust for 6 years. 

“Did you hear the one about the land use planning authority that operates at less than 10% efficiency that has just been awarded nearly $400,000 to figure out why it is so inefficient?” – Eric Booth, Former Trustee and SaltSpring Island Resident

“Response from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries in the October/21 letter to the Islands Trust puts the planned TPS changes to rest as the provincial government will not submit to  changes in their province-wide agricultural practices.”