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About us

We are residents who cherish the natural environment of the Gulf Islands, residents who respect the Islands Trust and their original mandate: “To preserve and protect the Trust Area and its unique amenities and environment for the benefit of the residents of the Trust Area and of British Columbia…”

Now, however, the Trust is proposing an updated mandate, their Revised Policy Statement, that increases their powers and regulations, while decreasing consideration of residents. If passed, their new authority over all aspects of Island life will significantly restrict what residents can do on their own property.

The Trust’s attempt to expand their powers has triggered alarm. Join the growing voice to ask them to postpone any update to their mandate until their next election – October, 2022. Most of the land in the Gulf Islands is privately owned. The Islands’ property owners and residents elect the Trustees and pay their salaries–they are public servants, like all elected officials. Yet the Trust and their staff treat residents like unwelcome outsiders who are a danger to the environment. They don’t acknowledge that residents also want to protect the environment—that’s why we live here!

For more on who’s behind this group click here. And if you want to learn what the former politicians and  former trustees have to say read about it here.

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